New Academy Project to Prof. Ilya Usoskin

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The Academy of Finland has made funding decisions for new Academy projects and Academy Research Fellows. On 1 September 2023, a total of 25 Academy projects, 23 Academy Research Fellows and one clinical researcher will start at the University of Oulu. Altogether, the researchers of the University of Oulu were granted over 23 million euros. One of them prof. Ilya Usoskin: Geomagnetic Excursions/Reversals: Assessment of Climate Impacts in Silico / Consortium: GERACLIS.

“Finance from the Academy of Finland is an integral part of our research funding, and I am very pleased with the amount of funding received by our researchers and projects. The funding strongly supports research related to our profile areas, such as artificial intelligence for learning, hypoxia and emission-free steel manufacturing,” says Rector for Research Taina Pihlajaniemi.