ESAC Tour for our PhD students

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After an extended period without external visits due to on-site COVID restrictions, CESAR team has resumed ESAC tours with the Iberian Space Science Summer School 2022, organized by the UAH (University of Alcala de Henares). Two of our PhD students – Nicholas Larsen and Kseniia Golubenko were part of this school.

The visit took take place on 9th June 2022, with 30 students. The group, composed of university students from different countries (France, Spain, UK, US, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Japan, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Rwanda, and Ghana) walked through the iconic places of ESAC facilities. CESAR and ESAC experts described the European Space Agency, the Astronomy Center in Madrid, and provided insights on some of the key science missions and results.

The group had the priviledge to talk to Chris Watson, from the ESAC Solar Orbiter Science Operations team, who presented the latest status of the spacecraft and the first science investigations and results.