Geomagnetic Excursions/Reversals: Assessment of Climate Impacts in Silico

Project (#354280) funded by the Research Council of Finland for 2023-2027 and hosted by the University of Oulu in consortium with Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Variability of the natural drivers of the Earth’s climate system has been relatively small during the period of increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases and global warming. However, dramatic changes in the atmosphere and climate can be expected in the future, when the geomagnetic field weakens or even vanishes for hundreds of years during a possible next excursion or reversal of its magnetic field. This will lead to changes in the global distribution of solar radiation and solar wind forcings, but we do not have a sufficient understanding of the full impact on the changing modern-type climate. In this project, we develop models and methods to study the impact of geomagnetic field changes on the atmosphere and climate under the forcing from extreme solar storms and solar activity in general. Our extensive simulations need to be run over a thousand-year time period, which requires the use of the latest high-performance computing resources and state-of-the-art supercomputers.